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Is Your Computer running slow?

It is important to maintain your computer on a regular basis to help prevent system crashes and to optimise your computers performance. Computer systems can become clogged due to the constant installation of programs, internet browsing and general day to day use.

Just as a car has an oil change, your computer operating system, known as "Windows" needs regular attention. You may have noticed already that your computer isn't as fast as it used to be.

We will perform a 12 point health check to optimise your computer system to the best of it's ability.

  • Run a scan for Virus & Adware using removal tool
  • Run full disk check on all hard drives
  • Delete Temporary File
  • Remove Internet Cached Files & Cookies
  • Remove Old Help Files
  • Remove Unused Programs
  • Clean Up Windows Registry
  • Remove Unnecessary propgram shortcuts from Windows Startup
  • Defragment all hard drives
  • Improve system responsiveness
  • Examine Event Log & investigate any serious errors
  • Advise on Windows Update procedure & self maintenance tasks